Why The Lyndhurst Group?

Funny you should ask. My great-grandfather was Bob Beatty, captain of the HMS Lyndhurst, a British merchant ship. My grandfather was born on the Lyndhurst in March 1900, in the Delaware Breakwater, and named Robert Lyndhurst Beatty. I was born on the first anniversary of my grandfather’s death, and given the name Robert Lyndhurst Beatty, II. The painting here is a painting of the Lyndhurst that has been in my family for almost 110 years.

As I thought about the origins of my own passion and love for history, I realized how significant that story was in instilling in me a fascination with the past. The stories of history are important and meaningful. This is certainly true in the origins of the name, The Lyndhurst Group.

Many history organizations can work with their own communities to better maximize the power of their own histories and stories. I have found throughout my career that when institutions utilize the meta-narrative of their site, museum, or nonprofit, it makes their message that much more powerful. Like the discipline of history itself, it is thoroughly rooted in something much greater than itself.

This is true for The Lyndhurst Group, and it can be true for your institution as well.