Bob Beatty

My passion is for public service. I have worked in nonprofits since 1996, since 1999 in the history / museum field. It is the ideal environment for me to combine my enthusiasm for working for the greater good with my creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and problem-solving abilities.

I have found a home for all of these skills in the world of history organizations. My career in history began at the Orange County Regional History Center, a history organization that operated a museum, archive, and historical society. From 2007-2018, I served in a leadership capacity at the American Association for State and Local History, the only comprehensive national organization dedicated to state and local history. I provided leadership of national programs and initiatives including editor of History News magazine (the field’s premier journal), Managing Editor of the AASLH Editorial Board for a book imprint with Rowman & Littlefield, continuing education/professional development, and as the leader of the national annual meeting program.

Through these roles, I have gained tremendous understanding of the issues that face the field of history and history organizations, most particularly the sustainability of these institutions. I know well history museums and best practices through the AASLH Standards and Excellence Program and my experience as a peer reviewer for the American Alliance of Museums. Not only do I know the national standards for history museums, it has been my job to promote them nationwide through continuing education/professional development programs, workshops, publications, and other ways, including through the Lyndhurst Group.

I have a national network of high-quality history professionals that encompasses the depth and breadth of the field. This is why my firm is the Lyndhurst Group, as it includes not only my personal expertise, but allows me to engage other high-caliber professionals as consultants and advisers in my work.

For a more comprehensive listing of my experience, please view my CV and my list of clients.


Why the Lyndhurst Group?

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My great-grandfather was Bob Beatty, captain of the HMS Lyndhurst, a British merchant ship. My grandfather was born on the Lyndhurst in March 1900, in the Delaware Breakwater, and named Robert Lyndhurst Beatty. I was born on the first anniversary of my grandfather’s death, and given the name Robert Lyndhurst Beatty, II. This painting of the Lyndhurst has been in my family since 1897. It now hangs in my foyer.

As I thought about the origins of my own passion and love for history, I realized how significant that story was in instilling in me a fascination with the past. The power of this story led me to the history field. I strongly believe that history organizations can do likewise in delving deeper to maximize the power of their own histories and stories for their communities.

The stories of history are important and meaningful. This is certainly true in the origins of the name of my firm, The Lyndhurst Group. I want to help institutions find ways to do this in their own work with their stakeholders and constituents.